Happy May Day! Did you get your Maypole ready? I’m all about dancing around with colored ribbons this time of year, myself.
This morning I received a reply from a domain squatting company I contacted about the purchase of wishville.com. I aquired wishville.org awhile back. But I get a little obsessive about things, and I simply won’t be able to rest until the real domain is mine. I think it should be illegal for companies to use a script to buy up millions of domains and then not use them, just hold onto them for years hoping someone will cough up money for it. There are so many good domain names out there that have nothing but a squatter search page on them. It’s such a waste.

“Thank you for your interest in the domain name Wishville.com. Prices of Premium Domains like Wishville.com are rising due to high demand. This domain’s current market price is $2,088.00 US dollars. This is a one-time payment. This price is only valid for seven(7) days from the date of this email. The sales and transfer process is very quick and safe and you will obtain complete ownership of the domain name.”

Correct me if I’m wrong, but “market price” reflects the amount of money consumers are willing to pay for something. Nobody in their right mind would fork over that kind of dough for a domain name. Before I got the quote, I entertained notions of buying the domain for the outrageous sum of $500 — deciding that would be my limit. I was thinking more like $250. And if $2,088 is the current market price, why have they been holding that domain for 5 years? I’m quite irritated by the whole thing, but I refuse to settle for dot org status.
We got some sun on Sunday. Not a lot, but enough to get me through another month of these May showers.
Pic from my back porch, where it is beginning to grow very green:


That’s all for now. More to follow soon. I have a date with some ribbons.