will the talent never cease?

Today I am becoming more acutely aware than usual of the amount of talent manifested in the people I choose to surround myself with. My friends and family are just a brilliant bunch of people, and I today I feel like it’s feeding me, carrying me forward, as I’ve started writing again — I mean, fiction — (yes, the “F” word) — and it’s like my friends are out playing in the yard and I can hear them from my bedroom window where I’ve been forced to nap and I’m like, “Wait for me! I want to come play, too!” And so I grab my notebook under my arm, and my favorite purple pen, and race down the stairs barefoot and out into the grass and daisies and flop on my stomach, feet in the air, writing furiously about the magic surrounding me. What a vibrant place to be.


One of my favorite strawberry blondes, Nathan Bright Autumn Sky, has put more of his poignant photographs from Guatemala and South Africa up for our viewing pleasure. This is one of them. Please indulge. He’s doing important work in this world. He makes me want to go out and start something good.
I have taken a million photographs over the past three days which I want to share but I don’t have uploadability at work so it will need to wait until I get home — perhaps tomorrow because tonight is a long-awaiting show of the much-adored band the Fruitbats who are playing at Neumo’s way past my bedtime this evening.
Jack Kerouac said it’s okay for me to use so many runon sentences.