Now My Autumn Is Complete


The CEO of my company, a UW season ticket-holder, couldn’t make one of the games so he raffled off his tickets. I never win the raffles at work. There’s several per month and the only one I’ve ever taken home a prize with is the Fourth of July raffle, which awards 300+ tickets so I’d have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than by not getting to see the Lake Union fireworks from the roof deck. I’d begun to suspect a conspiracy, since all the tickets raffled off for sporting events and concerts, symphonies and film openings always go to some person whose name doesn’t ring a bell. (“Congratulations to Ben Dover!”)

I expressed this conspiracy theory to one of my friends in the IT department at the Friday party who had formulated the same opinion, and what do you know — a week later we both won tickets to the UW game. Shall I queue the “Twighlight Zone” theme song, or is it just a simple case of Big Brother watching? Or maybe I’ve just been reading too many William Gibson novels.

In any case, the Page and I went to see the Huskies play vs. Idaho and they won — mainly because we were there. They apparently hadn’t won a game in about 2 years. All this time, they just needed our good luck presence.


I’m not a huge football fan or anything, but I love going to these events for the people watching gala. It was a flawless, sunny day and I was excited to get to see Husky Stadium full of people. I’d been inside the stadium hundreds of times, but strangely, always alone. When I worked at UW, I used to run the track in the stadium which is super bouncy cork. It’s a ridiculously large space. It seems even bigger when it’s full of people.
Mostly I was blown away by the incredible view from our section. From up there on a sunny day, that’s got to be one of the best views I’ve seen. Not too shabby, for a sports arena.

Too bad I likely won’t get to enjoy it again. Though I think I see a lightning bolt with my name on it…


Football games are one of those must-do autumn activities. Back East it was a little different as I remember more often than not freezing my patootie off. In Seattle it was about 80 degrees. I just closed my eyes and thought about pumpkins.