HAD to share

Since I got a new computer, I am archiving and purging all my files. I came across this gem and just wanted to share it. It’s appropriate, considering where I am in the Vein of Gold. My former manager has officially made my Monster Hall of Fame. Congratulations, RDR.
I left in all the grammatical errors because they’re part of the charm.

Program Coordinator
7/12/2004 – 1/12/2005
Kristin is a very sensitive person. It’s important somehow, sometimes to separate her personal emotions from her daily work and interactions with faculty and staff. She is easy to work with — once you get to know her. She is quiet, which sometimes interpreted by some as unaproachable. She is very responsive to needs of her co-worker’s and always willing to volunteer to some task. I would like her to be more pro active and continue asking questions, clarifying things which not clear to her. and continue to take initiative in following up items and updating her supervisor.
Kristin needs to prioritized and practice “timemanagement” on some of her workloads and somehow find ways to differentiate her role so she can focus more on task assigned to her. In the future, it’s important all materials, budget projections or proposals need to be reviewed first before sending it to the faculty or going out of the department to avoid more delays, misunderstanding, and any possible problem.

God, I miss her.

One thought on “HAD to share

  1. Ha. As if KRISTIN needs a course in time management or prioritizing. Ruth needs a good &(%*&(@(*&%%. In fact, when she called me for a reference for Kristin… little did she know she was sitting in the car next to me, haha… she made the same claim about Kristin’s sensitivity only she said that it was “other people, not her” who had that impression. Of course, this had the effect of hypersensitizing Kristin before she even started that lousy job. What a *)%(*@)(#$$$$$$$$%).
    Love and flowers to YOU, KrissyCat.

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