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This is Me, 3 Ways


I went to a creativity meet-up this morning and one of the assignments was taking a self-portrait in six different ways. Here’s three of the ones that aren’t too bad. I like how you can see my wrist tattoo reflected in the sunglasses of the first one. Accidental touch that works in the end.



Frantic Pink Moment

I don’t remember fall in Seattle being so… New Englandy. It’s been frigid (mid twenties) and sunny and it feels like home. I don’t mind cold. Cold I can do – cold I’m good at. Especially when coupled with a bright firey ball in the sky.

The best part about all this unseasonable weather is the sunrises and sunsets have been absolutely mind boggling, on a daily basis.


Sunset from the Nordstrom Tower in First Hill. I was waiting for the elevator and looked out to see the Space Needle poking out between these old brick buildings, the sky all pink. Pretty amazing view for the hallway of a doctor’s office.

P.S. “Frantic Pink Moment” is a phrase that has stuck with me since New Year’s, 1998, when Viva spelled it out in refrigerator poetry. It has remained one of my favorite magnetic poem lines ever, second only to “Pies del mar.”

Now My Autumn Is Complete


The CEO of my company, a UW season ticket-holder, couldn’t make one of the games so he raffled off his tickets. I never win the raffles at work. There’s several per month and the only one I’ve ever taken home a prize with is the Fourth of July raffle, which awards 300+ tickets so I’d have a better chance of getting struck by lightning than by not getting to see the Lake Union fireworks from the roof deck. I’d begun to suspect a conspiracy, since all the tickets raffled off for sporting events and concerts, symphonies and film openings always go to some person whose name doesn’t ring a bell. (“Congratulations to Ben Dover!”)

I expressed this conspiracy theory to one of my friends in the IT department at the Friday party who had formulated the same opinion, and what do you know — a week later we both won tickets to the UW game. Shall I queue the “Twighlight Zone” theme song, or is it just a simple case of Big Brother watching? Or maybe I’ve just been reading too many William Gibson novels.

In any case, the Page and I went to see the Huskies play vs. Idaho and they won — mainly because we were there. They apparently hadn’t won a game in about 2 years. All this time, they just needed our good luck presence.


I’m not a huge football fan or anything, but I love going to these events for the people watching gala. It was a flawless, sunny day and I was excited to get to see Husky Stadium full of people. I’d been inside the stadium hundreds of times, but strangely, always alone. When I worked at UW, I used to run the track in the stadium which is super bouncy cork. It’s a ridiculously large space. It seems even bigger when it’s full of people.
Mostly I was blown away by the incredible view from our section. From up there on a sunny day, that’s got to be one of the best views I’ve seen. Not too shabby, for a sports arena.

Too bad I likely won’t get to enjoy it again. Though I think I see a lightning bolt with my name on it…


Football games are one of those must-do autumn activities. Back East it was a little different as I remember more often than not freezing my patootie off. In Seattle it was about 80 degrees. I just closed my eyes and thought about pumpkins.