A Rant About My Job With Lots of Cussing

It comes down to the fact that I feel I’m better than this.
It’s amazing how similar I can feel about my jobs and my relationships. I’m fucking awesome and if you don’t know that, then fuck you — I don’t want to work for you anyway.
I’m… insulted.
And the ironic part is that I don’t even want this job anymore. I would stay if they could offer me a part-time position, but I doubt that will happen. It’s just that this guy has had over a month to make a decision about whether or not to hire me when my contract is up (September 7th) and just this afternoon he asked someone else on the team if they had my resume. What they gave him is the paragraph the temp agency wrote about me concerning my experience at my last job. I only know this because I have access to his email inbox. Two years of hell distilled into twenty-seven words. Nevermind that he could have asked me a month ago for my real resume, which I would have gladly supplied.
I have never in my life left a job without giving at least one month notice. I would never give less than two weeks. Yet here it is, five days before my last day of work, and the guy is casually asking around for my resume. I’ve already interviewed with him. And he keeps coming around all nicey nice, pretending to be my friend, smiling at me and joking with me and asking me to do shit for him.
I just feel — so — guh. This is total ego. But I’ve been here for six months, busting my butt and going above and beyond, and he’s not sure if I’m good enough to organize his fucking calendar for him.
I like this anger though — it’s the same emotion that drove me to make positive steps toward career decisions not involving doing someone else’s bullshit. Like in June, when I had to cut my four-day (unpaid) vacation to Boston down to three-days, paying $150 to change my flight to Saturday, because one of my coworkers decided she had a photocopying job for me to do Friday afternoon.
Things have not changed in NINE YEARS! I was writing this exact same bullshit nearly a decade ago when I graduated from college and was working as an admin at Fleet, making the same exact measly hourly rate.
Not that it’s anyone’s fault but mine, but it is enfuriating to see that I’ve moved absolutely NOWHERE career-wise in ten years. I’ve actually been working backwards since 2002, when I was an actual writer getting paid 50K a year. A month later I was a program assistant making HALF that. And this position pays me less than my previous position. There’s something wrong with this picture.
Hence, the school.
I will open my own practice and/or spa and as the Boy said last night, hire my OWN assistant to schedule appointments and do my laundry. Except I will offer them medical benefits, even if they work part-time, and they will get paid days off, and I will treat them with dignity and respect because I’ve been on the receiving end of the bullshit for far too long. And if I decide to fire them, I will give them two weeks notice like any human being should have.
Okay, I’m done. I think I need an (unpaid) lunch break or something.

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