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I gotta tell ya, Saturdays are not update days for me. Jasper is sharpening his claws on my computer case. He’s beginning to develop all sorts of negative attention-getting behaviors. I’m riding it out. Even the 2:30 AM yowling sessions where I’m convinced someone is removing his whiskers with a blowtorch and tweezers. Actually, he’s trying to tell me 5:00 AM is not early enough to be fed, and he’s much prefer 24 hour room service.
I don’t usually update on Saturdays because they’re so darn full and I actually use my computer very little at home. I spend so much time staring into it 9-5 that I can’t wait to get away from it. But I went to email someone about goose poop cleaning tomorrow and it occured to me that last week I missed Saturday as well. And so.
Right now I am being serenaded by the lovely sounds of squirrels on crack and puppies in a blender. Otherwise known as, the Asian Wedding Band from Hell. They play every weekend, usually until late into the night, Japanese versions of “Unchained Melody” and even an occasional “Play That Funky Music Whiteboy”, interspersed with traditional Asian fare. It’s ridiculously loud, to the point that we can’t listen to music in the house because it overrides the stereo. We’ve given in after listening to this three nights a week all summer. I can’t accurately describne to you exactly how awful this music is because you would think I was exaggerating. And most people do, until they are actually standing here, listening to this crap, saying, “My god — you’re right. It’s just… so… BAD.”
The best part is that around 11:00 when all the lightweight family members of the Asian bride are all good and liquored-up, they do karaoke. There’s also what sounds like an auction, but it’s in a foreign tongue, but from what we ascertain, these weddings are very much like a game show.
Jasper is still sharpening his claws on my laptop case. I think the music upsets him.
Some nights we get a really great bonus, and the families stick all their kids out on the balcony that overhangs the marina, and the kids scream wildly and throw things of the balcony. Flip flops, cigarettes, those party bomb things with all the colored ribbons inside. A few weekends ago the entire dock was covered with colored ribbons.
It’s intermission now, so a brief respite, but that just means more time for the band to smoke their crack or whatever it is they do to make their voices sound so unnaturally bad.
We’re going to see DevotchKa tonight, who if you’re just joining us, is one of my favorite bands. I love them in the way you love candles on New Year’s Eve, the way you love a rainy Sunday afternoon with nothing to do, or oatmeal cookies fresh out of the oven. They are truly an incredible band, and they sound like gypsy sunset nights and barefoot dancing, and love, love, love. Neumo’s is hosting the show, which is a relief as they last played at Crocodile, the venue I now vehemently boycott because of its awfulness. Neumo’s is a really great venue, very much like the Paradise in Boston, meticulous sound, good views, well ventilated, and they book lots and lots of good bands. It’s second only to the Tractor Tavern. I was just saying how I wished they were playing at the Tractor (because nothing is every good enough for me) and between that and Hattie’s Hat, if I still ate burgers & fries and drank No Depression Ale, Ballard of all places would be a serious contender for my residency. I absolutely love Ballard, but the part of me that loves it no longer exists — the up-all-night listening to great music and barhopping with the coolest people ever and sleeping in till noon — that me has been killed off.
Instead I rise at 5 AM and see the sleepy city yawning — Capitol Hill catching its first breath of sunrise across the water, and I ride down to Denny Way, the streets silent and empty. I’m enjoying quiet lately. Slowness. Ease.
In fact, while the band is taking five, I’m going to go get some fresh air and say goodnight to the sunflowers.

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  1. Thanks for the musical tip. I’m still reveling in all the gift certificates I got for my birthday, so I’m actually _buying_ music. :-) ::you gasp::

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