Monthly Archives: September 2009

Wish You Were Here

I’ve been sending you postcards – did you get them? All my little snapshots posted at random intervals… greetings from Des Moines, thinking of you in Ballard, wish you were here eating cupcakes on Alki.

My attempt at staying in touch and letting you all know I’m still live and kickin’ like a Beantown lobstah.
Truth is, I’ve moved again. Capitol Hill is my life support system and even the draw of beachy sunsets and cheap rent could not keep me away. It’s back to Volunteer Park time, in fact, let me step out on to my balcony and wave to the Aloha Cabana, a hundred yards away. I’ve moved back within a block of my former abode. I’m nothing if not consistent.

In related news, I have at long last acquired a houseboy. And I must tell you — if you are going to acquire a houseboy, *do* be sure you enlist one that is a gourmet cook. Perhaps even one that brings home large bags of wild-picked chanterelle mushrooms from which to fashion free-range omelets with goat cheese.

Princess Nevadelia Lotus Blossom has finally aclimated to the move after projectile vomiting for a week straight. She is pleased as punch to have not just one but two channels of Cat TV — Channel East and Channel West. Cat TV West offers a view of the courtyard and the street, with constant Labradoodle traffic and a fleet of small tabbies wearing bells. Channel East is mainly a parade of squirrels and Metro buses.

Moving back to Capitol Hill has afforded me the luxury of walking to work once again. I feel the Stress-o-Meter® going down; no road rage and an extra 30 – 40 minutes a day to listen to new music. It’s the little things, I’m discovering. Like having the sprawling Broadway QFC back on the map. Picking up rainbow chard and Tofutti cuties on the way home. Dropping off library books. Grabbing a new release at Big Gay Video. (Who, by the way, is having a smashing porn sale this week.)

This weekend I am off to the wilderness of Maury Island to partake of a cottage vacation I won during last year’s charity auction at work. Now that I finally have internet, I will post some new photos. I’ve been shooting a ton, but no way to get them out into the world thanks to broadband-lag.

Hope you all are well and enjoying our last days of summer. Autumn arrives next week — historically, my favorite season. Let the pumpkin soup and cranberry bread begin.