Monthly Archives: February 2009

Three Pixel Text Jogs and Float Drop*


Imaginary Viva’s first Seattle Photography Show will be featured in the 2/12 West Seattle Artwalk at Styling Studio.

Gosh – our very own Viva – Artiste of the Month! Her show is called “I ♥ Seattle” and will include lovely, amorous photos of Seattle in honor of that most sanguine of Hallmark holidays. There’s further details on the Styling Studio site.

Don’t worry, I had lots of help:

Photo 3

WARNING: Cat-like typing detected!

I’m having a violent Krispy Kreme kraving which might require slaking. Cause I have a car, and I can do that sort of thing.

Carry on.

*RANT: My perfectly validated, standards-compliant, seamless code reports the following errors in IE 6.0: “Three Pixel Text Jog Bug and Doubled Float Margin Bug: When anonymous line boxes are adjacent to a float, a 3px gap appears between the line box and the edge of the float. This gap disappears when the content clears the float, causing the content to “jog” three pixels in the direction of the float. Note that the gap may be difficult to see when left-aligned text is adjacent to a right float, but it does exist — and it can lead to “float drop” in tight layouts.

When a margin is applied to a floated box on the same side as the direction of the float, the margin is doubled. This bug only affects the first float in a row of one or more floats.”

Hence the “fresh hot now” Original Glazed.