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Like, love, LUST…

I’ve got good news and bad news.

Good news first?

I finished my pro-girl scootering site. This means you non-scooter types will no longer be bored to tears reading about my latest forays into the underworld of Frankenstella.

The bad news? I’m taking some time off from Volumefreak to work on it. School’s out for summer… you know how it goes.

But wait – there’s more… I’ve migrated into the archives, so you now have six years worth of my self-aggrandizing prose to entertain yourself, should you suffer withdrawal. More likely, you’ll do something constructive with your extra twenty minutes a week.

And now I present to you, my finest achievement yet in both CSS design and uber-passionate content: Scooter Lust!

Oh, and one last thing – if you’re in the Seattle area, you should totally come to the All City Scooter Community Day on Saturday at noon. And I’m not just saying that because I built the web site.

Keep the rubber side down.


What I’ve Done with My Edumacation

Today is the last class in my program at UW. It’s gone so fast. I’ve elected not to take the final Flash course, but instead I’ll get the Classroom in a Book because it’s bound to be sunny soon and I don’t want to spend 6 hours a week in a windowless computer lab. If the book proves insufficient, the course is offered again in the fall and I’ll sign up then.

Thankfully, opportunities in my chosen profession are already opening up for me. I’ve been putting my education to splendid use.

For example, I recently teamed up with Joni Jett to create the logo and patch for the Westenders first annual rally, Tour di Mari #1. Now this is why I went to college! Jett did most of the work, drawing the graphic, and I did the design. It was fun collaborating. I love working with other creative people. Here’s the final product:

I’m the Rally Chair for the Tour di Mari, so I’m organizing the biggest party I’ve ever thrown. It’s going to be a blast. I reserved a picnic site at Golden Gardens and we’re going to play volleyball and barbecue on the beach. We might even have a fire, if Seattle doesn’t outlaw it by then. Feckers. As I’ve said elsewhere, instead of banning the oh-so-terrible handful of beach bonfires to cure global warming, how about giving up a few hamburgers a month?

Anyways, I built the Westenders web site this winter. While brainstorming ideas for the patch on the Westenders Forum, Jett and I got into a Fark-style Photoshop war. The Rally is named after the “Water Ride” which features Lake Washington, Lake Union and Puget Sound, so Tour di Mari (“tour of the seas”) seemed fitting. The topic of Swamp Thing naturally arose:


Jett added me to the equation:


I nearly pissed my pants when I saw it. She gave me a framed version of this brilliant piece of work to hang in the Aloha Cabana.

I had to get back at her when we started talking about outfits for the Cretins “Mods & Rockers” Rally in a few weeks. She wanted an outfit to match her Atomic Fireball Stella. I found a string bikini with flames on it, and someone suggested this as inspiration for Jett’s outfit:


One thing led to another, and this was my suggestion for Jett:


Like I said, putting my education to good use.

Won’t momma be proud.

At Least It’s Not White & Heavy


I thought instead of jumping off the Aurora Bridge I’d console myself with this photograph I took of Bee shoveling twenty-six inches of snow off the front porch of Chaos Cottage in Summahville.

It’s kind of related to this one, which is Bee eating a frozen rat in the kitchen.


I can’t remember exactly why. But I’m sure it had something to do with being trapped in the house in May with twenty-six inches of snow outside.

So, I’m grateful it’s only rain. Cause I’ve got some scary stuff in my freezer.

Lock, Spot and 2 Smoking Herons

Last week Kerry and I headed over to Ballard to watch drunk rich kids attempt to maneuver their fathers’ yachts through the Locks. More entertaining than television.

It’s so pretty there. Another place where I just keep saying, “I live here. I mean – I live here!” There were herons and a handful of Coho fry that the parks people deposited to entertain the tourists since it’s not salmon run season.

After we trolled the locks, we headed over to Lock Spot Cafe Trivia Night. I live in a little bubble, which often rolls into a cave. So unless the trivia focuses on animals, science, indie rock or scooters, I’m of little use. But my three teammates held their own, with Kevin’s freakish arsenal of knowledge taking the cake, and Kerry’s identification of Calista Flockhart’s upsidedown yearbook photo winning us a pitcher of beer. We got stumped on the states bordering Wyoming, and I probably could have retraced my cross-country drive and been more helpful, but by then my brain had shut down and I was in a strawberry shortcake coma. That’s okay. I won Scrabble on Saturday.

Long live Ballard!