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Thirsty Horses

I found this quote this morning that I absolutely love, from an article on Steve Pavlina‘s site (which I also love):

When you lead a horse to water and it refuses to drink, pet the thirsty horse compassionately while you enjoy the water yourself.

At the same time, notice that you too are standing beside a water source that you refuse to drink from, even as those around you cannot understand why you hesitate.

You’ll often find that once you begin to drink from your own neglected source, the horse you’ve been trying so desperately to help begins to drink as well.

Autumnal Panorama

My friend Bobby can use words like “bucolic” and “autumnal” in casual conversation without sounding obnoxious. Transatlanticisim, he says, is an autumnal album. I wish I could pull that off.

I was up at six and on my way to work, quarter to seven, I caught the sunrise sneaking up over the mountains. Olympics were out, all peaky and covered with snow. The whole world was pink. It was incredible. Though it didn’t make up for the chaotic crisis management that ensued upon my arrival at work, pre-caffeination. That title is now on my business card: Crisis Manager. We’ve skipped right over Projects, directly into Crises.

Anyways, autumnal.

This morning, everything was color coded. It was really weird. I’m sure the photos don’t quite capture exactly how I see the world (sometimes, a good thing). But you’ll get the idea.





Westenders Quirky Turkey Ride

Sunday was the Westenders Scooter Club Quirky Turkey ride which was a total blast. The Westenders, the Vespa Club of Seattle and Sqream congregated at Cafe Racer on Roosevelt and we all headed out around noon.

Our first stop was at Swanson’s to see the famed Dasher and Blitzen, who were on holiday resting and fueling up for the long sleigh-pulling season to come. I would like to note that Dasher and Blitzen are female reindeer, both of whom are mothers, in addition to hauling a fat white man and his cargo around all winter.

Swanson’s also had this amazing train set running through an enchanted forest with tiny fairies and gnomes and elves, giant dragonflies and dandelions. I wanted so badly to hit record on my digital camera and put it in the freight car for a 30-second video, but I didn’t want to get kicked out of Swanson’s and give scooterists a bad name.

Oh and there were these enormous koi, too. I mean, they were four feet long. You can’t tell in the photo. Had I encountered them while swimming, I would have feared for my life.

I bought a big bag of Narcissus bulbs at Swanson’s — they are one of my favorite flowers. I have been searching for a perfume oil to replace my tiny bottle of Egyptian Narcissus oil that has been empty for nearly 7 years, but I haven’t found it anywhere. So I must grow them instead.

We added a few scooters in the parking lot, including a fellow from Oregon, and headed out for Golden Gardens in Ballard, of all places.

The drive along the water was so fabulous. We were about 25 strong by this point, and took over the whole stretch of open road. The wind was merciless for about a mile, but I was having so much fun I didn’t even care. We stopped at the Ballard Farmer’s Market, where I had the Best Quesadilla Ever that had beets in it. Then on to the Fremont Sunday Market, and then to the new Scoot About Scooter Rental location in South Lake Union. They had very cool signs.

We all parked at Scoot About and headed over to Buca di Beppo for a luxuriously long evening meal that left me in a total pasta coma.

At dinner I was voted into the Westenders SC. They said I had “the most beautiful Stella ever” and therefore had to be in their club. I must be appointed Minister of something, and I’m not sure what yet. Perhaps I will suggest Minister of Repairs. I’m hoping the Frankenstella’s streak of bad luck is coming to an end in time for the Yule Ride.

Oh, and Dawn has a devil duck on her Vespa.

Endless Autumn

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was absolutely packed and fabulous. Filled to the brim with friends and creativity and organic produce and scooter crashes.

Well, the scooter crash part was not fabulous, but the ramifications were mercifully brief. I was teaching a friend to ride, and toward the end of her second lesson, she let up the clutch too fast and the Frankenstella popped a wheelie. She grabbed the throttle to keep her balance and flipped the bike upside down, on top of her foot. Angels to the rescue — she was not terribly harmed and sustained a painful sprain with black & blue but so far no broken bones or enduring injuries. The Stella got a bit beat up, and had to be towed back to Sound Speed for some repairs, but she was returned to me quickly with only cosmetic scars. They banged out most of the dents in the steel and buffed the scrapes where they could. She is a city scooter, and a “daily driver”, so I couldn’t expect her showroom condition to last for long. I just wish those chrome crash bars and cowl protectors I had on order arrived sooner rather than later. But my love and worship of the kids at Sound Speed has reached idol proportions and I unhesitatingly recommend them for all your two-wheeled needs. In fact, I’d like to bring them home and make them breakfast.

Saturday morning I met with my intolerably adorable personal trainer who fully whipped my ass, or rather, my upper-body, so I had a difficult time even tying my shoes yesterday. She is an entire foot shorter than I, and barely 100 pounds, and she could probably bench press me with one hand. She’s a professional dancer. I feel like an elephant underwater around her. But it’s good to be challenged. She told me I could eat ice cream if I wanted, but I had to run up Queen Anne Ave. to get it. I’ll stick to eating strawberries on my couch.

My remaining foster cats got adopted on Saturday, just in time; I had put in for a transfer to a new foster home for them since Boy Former is moving to a smaller residence. Fostering has been an amazing, heart-breaking, fulfilling experience so filled with mixed emotions. I won’t hesitate to do it again, when I have the appropriate space. It has put me in touch with the people I need to meet in order to remain hopeful in the world of animal rescue — the folks willing to bypass the barfy-cute kittens in favor of bonded adults with Known Issues. The pay-off has been so enormous for me when we finally place the cats in their new home. It restores my dwindling faith in humanity.

I decided not to participate in National Novel Writing Month this time around as creative writing is not in my Top Five this quarter. I am, however, starting at University of Washington in January for the Multimedia Production and Design program, which I’m tres excited about. I will learn Flash and advanced web programming and other graphic design fun. My head is already doing cartwheels over the projects I will be able to tackle once I have those skills at my disposal. I may even get work to pay my tuition. Also in my Top Five right now is swing dancing, and I am in the market for a class or studio worth looking into. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

Oh and I’m going to this really cool seminar series at the Burke Museum — Yellowstone to Yukon. Grizzlies, wolves and lynx — oh my!

More to follow… but I’ve got some piles of leaves to go jump in.