Monthly Archives: March 2007

Rough Life


Jasper napping with Django and Percy, his foster brothers. Notice the mysterious absence of Nevadelia Lotus Blossom, who is sleeping in the other room. Princess Kitten does not slum with boys.

Postcards from Arizona


I went to Arizona to see my sister for Christmas. I put together my photo gallery from the trip and it’s available for your viewing pleasure. It was the first time I used my new Nikon D80 D-SLR, and it was fun. It’s hard to take a bad picture when you’re in a place like the Arizona desert.
We went to the Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park. I also wandered around the neighborhood taking in all the strange sights, like Javelinas and purple prickly pear. There’s a gallery for each of those expeditions. I hope you enjoy.

Stella is a Heartbreaker


I brought Stella home on Saturday. I tried to live without her. I just couldn’t do it. I’d been drooling over her for a long time during drive-bys past Ducati, where she shone like a dropped gem on the sidewalk. I also gazed at her lovingly, if from afar, via the web listing. Her chrome curves, her sea-foam green and pearly cream custom paint job… *sigh*
When I stopped by Ducati on my way home Friday, I saw her up close and personal for the first time in all her two-stroke glory. My little heart fluttered and I bit my lip. “I’m in love,” I told the sales guy. “With Stella.” He smiled and nodded — he was, too. Everyone was.
I barely slept that night. I was like a kid on Christmas. When I did sleep, I dreamed only of Stella and I racing down the cobblestone streets with the wind in my hair.
I drove her home in the rain on Saturday night. I had to check outside the house a few times to make sure she was still there, and again in the morning to be sure it wasn’t a dream.
There is nothing on this Earth that curls my toes like a vintage scooter. I don’t covet many material items. But a Vespa I will openly worship. And the most beautiful thing about Stella is, she doesn’t act her age. She’s got just 70 miles on that slender frame. A third of which I put on her today, doing loops around Queen Anne. She purrs. I smile.
(Just don’t get behind me on a hill at a stop light. I haven’t quite figured out the whole clutch, shift, uphill thing in the rain yet. Coordination is not one of my strong points.)


Twice the Luck


This is Percy and Django, my two new foster cats from the Seattle Shelter. The Boy just sent me this pic of them lounging in the bathroom this morning. Look at those faces! I can’t believe it, but they were abandoned in an apartment when their previous guardian was evicted. They are sweet brother angels and will be available for adoption soon if you’re in search of a couple lap warmers — they’ve just gotta shake this cold…

Welcome to My Treehouse

I finally finished (I think) my new loft and I wanted to share some of the photos. My cottage has an extra room that used to be a garage, but was insulated and restored a few decades ago and now it’s an artist’s sanctuary with 20 foot ceilings and an enormous skylight. The second I saw it I fell in love. I used to dream about living in a place like this.
The upper loft is where I have stashed my writing desk and a basket for my cat. I painted the ceiling purple with gold and silver stars and there’s big moon light and a tree. The main floor has 15′ flowers growing toward a big illuminated sunshine. (All I have to say is, I absolutely love the children’s section of Ikea.) I feel like a fairy when I’m in here, sitting beneath my leaf umbrella, and it makes me want to create.

The ladder up to the loft.


My weeping fig tree and the skylight, with panoramic views of the Queen Anne mansions above us (I think our house used to be the servants’ quarters).


Long view of the loft, with window, and Snowshoe cat.


My writing desk.


Giant leaves + giant thistles + giant dragonflies + giant sun + giant skylight = tiny girl.


Looking down.


Looking up.