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So my entry that was with these photos went poofta! and I’m not sure where it ended up. So I’ll recreate it in brief. My building at work is just yards from Lake Union, and right at the shore is the Salmon Hatchery. These fish are incredible, and I had no idea. They are hatched here in fresh water, are released, swim across the lake to the Bay and then out into the ocean, become saltwater fish, cruise up to Alaska or elsewhere for a few years, then about 4 or 5 years later they swim back hundreds of miles, back into fresh water, and come to the exact hatchery where they were born. They produce a few kids in their hometown and then die days later.
I think this is pretty amazing because I still get lost going to the grocery store, never mind swimming from Alaska.

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giblets of gratitude

Hey kids, I dare you to try something absolutely INSANE this Thanksgiving: do it turkeyless. What a fabulous way to show your gratitude for all the gifts you have — make a compassionate meal! Give all the animals something to be grateful for one day a year.
Veggie Planet in Cambridge has amazing food, and I found this site with vegan Thanksgiving recipes made by the folks from the restuarant. I mean, apple walnut stuffing, sweet potato maple pie, rosemary cornbread, pumpkin ginger rice pudding, cranberry chutney?! You won’t even miss the stinkin’ bird!
Let me know if you give it a shot — I want to hear about it! And if anyone doesn’t have plans for the day, come on over to my place for tofurkey and portobella gravy. Din is served at 2:00. We’ll have enough food to, uh… choke a horse.
Happy holidays, my friends. Dine decadently.
Oh, and don’t forget the beverages — especially if you’re in Seattle and can get the Limited Edition Regional Pack with smoked salmon pate flavored pop! (it’s vegetarian!)


Okay I have to come clean and tell you all that I stopped writing the book. I abandoned it, not because it was too hard or because I was out of ideas but because I just didn’t want to do it anymore. There are more important things going on right now. Namely, the breaking in of my new comforter from ikea. And the consumption of chocolate covered cherry decadence Soy Dream.
I got a sick new Mac powerbook. I mean, it’s disgusting. Pornographic, even. 17″ wide screen, a drawing tablet, the full new Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia Studio 8. I’ve had an erection for an entire week. So you can understand how some silly novel has fallen by the wayside. There are Flash animations and pretty nav bars to make, dammit!
Except for the death threat I received from V.VB last night. And I’m not sure my conscience could handle not finishing this stupid book, Dreamweaver orgy or not.
I’ll finish the stupid novel. Okay? OKAY?! But don’t expect me to like it.
Whose bright idea was this, anyway?
Oh. Right.

there goes the neighborhood

My parents came to visit in August. My dad’s a photographer, so he took about a million pictures. I was flipping through the CD he sent me, and realized this is the only photo I have of the houseboat in the slip that was not taken from the houseboat itself. This photo was taken from the Spindrift, a boat in the marina behind us where my parents were staying.

The pirate flag’s a nice touch, don’t you think?

20 something down, 30 something to go

I’m not counting right now. I’m rationalizing, though. Working on this story has led to an obsession with opening a non-profit vegan bakery where I grow herbs on the windowsills. I arise before the sun to knead dough and watch the city wake up.
The new Kate Bush album “Aeriel” is outstanding. It fits me right now, intense and harmoniously disjointed. From another time and place. Pick it up. Listen carefully. It might take you there.

13,025 down, 36,975 !#&%@* words to go

There’s a forum on the National Novel Writing Month web site called, “I Hate Myself and Want to Die.” It is subtitled, “I knew it was going to be bad, but not this bad.” I just came from there.
Today is day 39 of rain, which means the floods culminate this evening at midnight and the ark will launch early in the AM. We’ve got two each of humans and cats (though the felines being spayed & neutered will not further their race in the New World). There was no penguins on the ark. I’m not allowed to complain about the rain because they made me sign a Memorandum of Understanding when I moved here. Suffice to say that I was phsyically peeled out of bed today at 5:30 pm, fed dinner, and dragged from bed once again at 8:30 pm to go to the record store.
I made the following comfort purchases at Sonic Boom this evening: Mark Gardner, These Beautiful Ghosts (which is presently charming my pants off); Wolf Parade, Apologies to the Queen Mary; Elbow, Leaders of the Free World; Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, Jacksonville City Nights (which makes me want to dance barefoot in the rain and smoke cigarettes under neon lights); a free Ryan Adams DVD, September, which was included as a bonus; Josh Ritter, 4 Songs Live import recorded in Dublin; and Sebadoh Harmacy, for old time’s sake and because the last three copies of that CD that I bought have escaped my collection. I think about the name “Harmacy” a lot when I’m at work, especially when I answer the phone and it almost comes out of my mouth. A full report of the music is forthcoming.
It’s pumpkin latte season. Ruby and I both had cats named Pumpkin.
That’s all I have to say.
Drive well, sleep carefully.

mean it.

It’s because of the time of year, and the fall and missing Boston, and I’m stuck in my head and listening to heavy duty music, feeling like writing is too much responsibility — it’s too big for me, too much pressure, if I don’t do it right maybe I shouldn’t do it at all. And I have an email from Samezvous, who always knows what to say to me and how and why:
the thing i realized is that i had to stop stating my entire purpose in life in every single song. it doesn’t have to represent everything in your life. there will be more and you only have to say one thing at a time. just mean it. even if it’s about a ham sandwich…. especially if it’s about a ham sandwich!!!! mean it.