Monthly Archives: September 2005

top 10 reasons I did not go to bumbershoot

10. The tickets for Bumbershoot were, like, $80.

9. I just saw Colin Meloy play at the zoo a week ago.

8. I am an Indie Snob and I refuse to see bands at locations such as the “Best Buy Bumbrella Stage”, “Starbucks Literary Stage”, or the “Miller Lite Blues Stage”. Especially if 107.7 is sponsoring Minus the Bear and Okkerville River are playing in the “Sound Transit Backyard”.

7. I’d rather see the Be Good Tanyas at the Tractor in Ballard, of all places.

6. I hate standing around for 8 hours waiting for bands to come on.

5. Five new CDs were released Tuesday, which I could listen to unmolested in my PJ’s, drinking water that doesn’t cost $7 a bottle, not having to find parking, and when it’s over, my bed is four feet away.

4. Citizen Cope.

3. I can’t bear to shoulder a sea of fourteen-year-old suburbanites wearing shiny new Saddle Creek t-shirts, flaunting their butt cracks, freshly postcoital from Dashboard Confessional.

2. It’s just plain depressing.

1. I am old and bitter.