Monthly Archives: March 2005

changing the look of my desktop

It’s time for spring cleaning of the soul. Ruby and I always referred to it as “changing the look of my desktop”, which was an option in Windows 3.1 when you wanted to change your colors, images, schemes. It was a useful tool for procrastination when a big paper was due. It was also a liberating way to start fresh. In your life, you can change the look of your desktop. It doesn’t have to be your actual desktop. Sometimes it can be your hair. Or your closet. Or your blog.
Or all of the above.
I’m going to Florida on Friday for my first vacation in over a year, to lay on the beach and eat fruit. I need this like oxygen. I am rededicating myself to the page. I’ve been absent in so many ways for far too long.
More to follow. And sunshine and oranges.