Monthly Archives: July 2004

i got sunshine

I’ve been a total slacker updating and I apologize, but it’s sunshine 5:00 AM till 10:00 PM and this whole damn city to run around and I’m having a hard time rationalizing spending one second more than necessary indoors, especially shackled to a computer. My apartment lacks a television and I’ve forgotten they even existed; I’ve been reading a lot and it’s changing my world view a bit. Not that I usually watch a lot of television, but when my back went out, I lived on that durn couch and me and the WB got pretty tight if you know what I mean. At one point I could rationalize watching Felicity once a week, but how do I explain my unnatural attachment to the rugged white-tooth rosy-cheeked boys of Smallville? I won’t even get started on twice-daily reruns of That 70’s Show. So there’s been a shift in my attention, and it’s been good. I will, however, make an effort to use my daily hour at the reception desk productively.

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jonathan livingston’s revenge

New G A L L E R Y update!

I refuse to accept the fact that during this run of disgustingly perfect summer days I could be getting sick. There’s no way this much sunshine, combined with that much fresh fruit vitamin C, and coated in this many smiles, could result in flu-like symptoms.
That said, I’ll see if I can type fast enough to outwrite the cold medicine that has just slipped down my gullet in a cherry-flavored shudder.
Speaking of cherries…

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mauvaises terres traverser

New G A L L E R Y update!

I called Rebekah on the phone en route to South Dakota, and she said, “You have to go to the Badlands.” It wasn’t on my list. I was grumpy and car sick and I was pissed off at nature. Nature had given me a searing sunburn on my left shoulder through the window and aching miles of absolutely nothing but bleached pavement. Badlands? Could it get worse than this?

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leaving MA

As though loading my entire apartment into a 4″ x 8″ trailer wasn’t enough, Mags single-handedly pulled off the best going-away party I have ever been to. And I’m not just saying that because it was mine. What other party have you ever been to where you got to wear a pineapple hat and listen to one of your favorite musicians sing for you? It was one of those times where I sat back and looked around and thought, “Wow. This is perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything else.”

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